This Budget Performance Report for Ekiti State is prepared quarterly and issued within four (4) weeks from the end of each quarter.

The 2022 Budget christened “Budget of Legacy and Consolidation” focused on prioritizing programmes and projects in critical areas such as food security, quality health care delivery, empowerment programmes and social security for the vulnerable, notwithstanding the dwindling revenue from the Federation Account.

The 2022 Budget, which complies with the National Chart of Accounts (NCoA), was prepared, in line with the prevailing macro-economic assumptions. The assumptions include oil benchmark which was put at $55 bpd and exchange rate of N470/US Dollar.

However, the fluctuations in crude oil prices and exchange rate instability has posed a major drawback to the effective performance of the budget. The Ekiti state government has put in place measures to improve the annual budget performance hence the report gives an improved result.

Click HERE to download the report.

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